The Director of Operations oversees the management of all areas of manufacturing to produce products and direct activities so that approved products are manufactured on schedule and within quality standards and cost objectives. Will be responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability of departmental and organizational operations through the provision of effective methods and strategies.


  • The Director of Operations’ primary responsibilities will include:
  • Assists company officers and senior staff members in the development and formulation of long and short-range planning, policies, programs and objectives.
  • Develops the manufacturing plan and establishes procedures for maintaining high standards of manufacturing operations to ensure that products conform to established customer and company quality standards.
  • Achieves optimum employee levels with least amount of overhead and raw material costs to meet annual budgetary plan.
  • Improve processes and policies in support of organizational goals. Formulate and implement departmental and organizational policies and procedures to maximize output. Monitor adherence to rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Coordinate and monitor the work of various departments involved in production, warehousing, pricing and distribution of goods.
  • Monitor performance and implement improvements. Ensure quality of products. Manage quality and quantity of employee productivity.
  • Provide technical support where necessary.
  • Directs and monitors department managers to accomplish goals of the manufacturing plan, consistent with established manufacturing and safety procedures. Acts as liaison between department management/subordinate levels, as well as executive/department manager levels to inform personnel of communications, decisions, policies and all matters that affect their performance, attitudes and results.
  • Identifies, recommends and implements changes to improve productivity and reduce cost and scrap, monitor scrap and rework data.
  • Directs the establishment, implementation and maintenance of production standards.


  • Strategic operations experience and ability to drive change.
  • Experience with an entrepreneurial company, hands-on operations experience and strong leadership capabilities
  • Ability to translate strategy through to execution.
  • Ability to see things differently, and see opportunity where others might not.
  • Leads with a vision and enlists others along the way.
  • Gathers critical insights and data, knows how to drive/influence decisions.
  • Exceptional listening skills; persuasive communicator.
  • Collaborative, team player attitude
  • Courageous mentality (will challenge the status quo)
  • Self-direction/motivation
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Results oriented
  • Passion and appreciation for pop culture and the fashion industry
  • High integrity and trustworthiness
  • Intellectual curiosity


Bachelors degree in business administration, Operations management, commerce, management, industrial technology or industrial engineering.
10+ years of experience in manufacturing management, preferably in a process-oriented operations and/or related industry. A minimum of 5 years of experience managing a significant segment of a large manufacturer or the entire operation of a smaller manufacturer.